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Local Kids tell parents, they don't want to miss camp by going to Disney World

Several years ago we received a phone call from a family wanting to know the dates for the 6-12 camp. For Christmas they had surprised their children with a trip to Disney in the summer.  They were planning on going in June. 

The Children were excited about the trip until it looked like they may have to miss out on camp.  The mother said that her children felt so strongly about not missing camp that they wanted to make sure they didn't schedule the Disney trip at the same time.

Something Interesting

Many people want to know where we got our vintage decor furnishing.  

When Camp Freedomgate was built, we wanted a rustic vintage decor.  Realizing we had a very small budget to work with, we were going to need to look for deals.

A friend suggested we go on the Longest Yard Sale.  So that's what we did! And boy did we have fun!! I often tell people we looked like the Beverly Hillbilly's coming back into town. (For those who are from a younger generation, see photo below). Our truck was overflowing with all of the treasures we found.  Since our budget was really small, almost everything we bought was rusty and worn, (but to us, it was beautiful, just perfect for what we needed). Not everyone can appreciate the patine of something old and rusty!

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